Container and Cross Docking Services

We are experienced in loading and unloading containers with a wide range of cargo at our approved sites. Our central location and prompt service is well suited to provide cross docking services.

Container Devanning

We have multiple MPI Approved Transitional Facilities throughout Auckland with approved extensions to unload risk goods, including all food products except fresh produce. We undergo a yearly audit to ensure our systems and hygiene practices are in order.

We have an all-weather facility to unload containers with a wide range of cargo. We can quickly and efficiently unload loose stacked and palletised containers. Our specialist team of devanners ensure your freight is unloaded to your specifications, accurately counted and secured to pallets damage free.

Combining our unloading service with our onsite discounted bulk delivery service we can provide a low cost logistics solution for your container handling requirements.

Cross Dock Services

Our central location at our transport hub is well suited to provide cross docking services. Cross docking can reduce handling and storage costs and provides a faster delivery service to your customers. We can also provide staging areas for consolidation of orders.

Same Day Delivery
Food Safety and MPI Certified
Experienced FMCG Logistics Provider
Multi-Site 3PL facilities
40+ Vehicles in Auckland